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Support Services
Support Levels - There are four (4) support programs:

> Gold
is the standard program which includes all of the communication channels listed below except for direct calls to a resident technician or 24x7 PIN telephone access. 

> Platinum (US/Canada) customers receive higher priority and generally faster turnaround, and may call support 24x7. 

> PlatinumPLUS (US/Canada) customers have an onsite EnvisionWare support technician assigned to and working at their account.

> Time & Materials customers may contact support for an hourly fee. Parts are available for purchase. There are no software updates for customers under Time and Materials and there are no long-life guarantees on major systems.

Fees [US] - Time & Materials customers are billed for all services at an hourly rate of $195 USD / hour.  Parts are charged at the published rate plus freight and handling.  

Customers under maintenance can procure Consulting services at the discounted rate of $150 USD / hour.  Parts are shipped at no charge under maintenance provided a requested defective item is returned within 15 days of repair.  All freight charges for replacement parts under maintenance to and from a US customer are paid by EnvisionWare.  Customers under time and materials pay all freight costs for shipment and return of replacement parts.
> Gold support level customers and those under Time & Materials in North America may obtain support from EnvisionWare between the hours of 8:30am and 7:00pm Eastern US Time, Monday through Friday
> Platinum and PlatinumPLUS support level customers have access to support technicians after hours via telephone only by using their Platinum PIN (available from the Support Tab in the Customer Center). 
> APAC customers have access to support resources from 9:00 to 17:00 Central Australian Time, Monday through Friday.
Submitting a Case via the EnvisionWare Customer Center - An online self service portal into your relationship with EnvisionWare where you can open and manage support Cases, view Issues and submit and track enhancements, view your maintenance status and annual billing information, see a history of items purchased and much more.  Customers may use self-service features 24-hours a day, however, it should be noted that there is no response to cases submitted electronically during non-standard support hours. Credentials for customer access are issued from our Operations Group when products are licensed or invoiced.  Standard access is full access.  A support only role can be applied upon request, which removes access to financial information.  Visit the Customer Center at http://support.envisionware.com.  To register a new contact for your library visit this link.   To open a new Case use the Contact Support link on the Main Menu.

Note: Platinum level customers should submit after hours 24x7 emergency cases via 800-216-8370 using your Platinum PIN.  PlatinumPLUS customers should call their EnvisionWare resident technican directly for emergencies.
Contacting Support via Telephone 
> North America: 888-409-0888 or +1 678-382-6600  
> APAC: +61 (0)8 8132 5800
EnvisionWare LiveChat [US] - Login to a chat session from any computer and communicate with one of our support technicians.  LiveChat provides instant access to your computer thanks to our Central Management technology.  Available during Gold level support hours from the Customer Center Support Tab Link.
Customer Forum - An open forum where EnvisionWare customers from around the world share ideas and concerns related to Computer and Financial Management, Self Service Circulation, RFID, Automated Materials Handling and the 24-Hour Library.    Available 24x7.  Subscribe via the Support Tab Link in the Customer Center.
Access the Knowledge Base and FAQs from any computer, any time.   Open 24x7 from the Customer Center Knowledge Base Tab.
View the list archives where a repository of information exchanges between customers can provide invaluable insight into EnvisionWare products and the related services and technologies they affect.   Access 24x7 via the Customer Forum.
Professional Services - In addition to help with troubleshooting issues and answering product questions, EnvisionWare Professional Services consultants can be scheduled to assist with special projects, migrations to new generations of products, installation and project management for new implementations, and a host of other advanced level services that are outside the scope of normal support services.  Contact Professional Services at 800-216-8370 Opt 5 [US] to learn more about these optional services.
EnvisionWare Central Management - Central Management is suite of tools consisting of CloudConnect, TeamViewer and NetSupport. 

CloudConnect provides web-based access to computers running EnvisionWare applications. It displays the applications installed and the software version of each component.  Customers can create or update a case and automatically submit a diagnostic file. a powerful software tool that provides remote access to your computers for troubleshooting.    CloudConnect delivers browser-based administration and configuration for several premise solutions including OneStop, OneStop Launch Command Edition, RFID Software Suite, EnvisionWare System Monitor, Vending Web Service, and Database Engine.  Other solutions are in development.  A link to CloudConnect is available in the Customer Center MyAccount/Main Menu page.

CM:TeamViewer Service is used by Support for remote access to customer devices.

A special version of CM:NetSupport is typically used with the 24-Hour Library, sorters and OneStop. It is generally sold with a Central Management Gateway and a Control.  The gateway aggregates all of your EnvisionWare management services into a common service point and the Control gives you the same access as that provided to our support technicians.  File transfers can be performed without interference to users. CM is a required component for support for continued maintenance at the established rates.  
Professional Services
Professional Services - In addition to help with troubleshooting issues and answering product questions, EnvisionWare Professional Services consultants can be scheduled to assist with special projects, migrations to new generations of products, installation and project management for new implementations, and a host of other advanced level services that are outside the scope of normal support services.  Contact Professional Services at 800-216-8370 Opt 5 [US] to learn more about these optional services.
Advanced Network Consulting - Our network consulting group stands ready to help customers with networking, routing, and infrastructure needs.  If a problem is caused by EnvisionWare products, there is no charge for use of these services.
Premise Solutions
EnvisionWare developers and the product management team continue to enhance products every day to add new features and to correct problems related to compatibility, new operating systems, or issues with software.  Customers under maintenance can download product updates, new versions, and new generations of product as they become available.  The versioning is illustrated at the right and explained in detail below.  We generally refer to the term UPGRADE when updating to a new VERSION and MIGRATION when moving to a new GENERATION.   This is because the underlying architecture is often dramatically different when a product is completely rewritten.
Hotfixes address urgent needs and can be released in as little time as a day when a problem arises at a customer site that affects the enterprise operation.  Hotfixes are available by clicking the Software and Documentation link on the Customer Center Main Menu.
Service Packs are issued regularly to address problems discovered at customer sites.   Service packs are often issued when an operating system updates or third party release creates compatibility concerns.  Numbered by the third decimal as in 3.5.1.x, 3.5.2, and for Service Pack 3: 3.5.3. Note that Service Packs require only update to the Management or Host components, not to Clients.  This means that most customers can easily apply a hotfix without concern for any changes to public computers.
New Versions - New versions of products are released to add new functionality to EnvisionWare products.  Most products are updated quarterly and each version release incorporates new customer-driven features.  New versions are designated in the second decimal as 4.1.x and 4.2.x.  New version installation requires update of all components including clients.  PC Reservation, LPT:One and the EnvisionWare Suite will auto-update clients provided rollback software is disabled.  Admin login is not required for client updates.
Next Generation - When customers have extracted all of the value possible from a generation of product, EnvisionWare creates a new, Next Generation design from the ground up to take advantage of today's technology and to incorporate a plethora of new and exciting features.  New generations are noted by the first digit as in 3.x.x and 4.x.x.   Some new generations can be in-place upgrades whereas others may require a change to the architecture.  Release Notes will indicate the requirement and products changing architecture will be accompanied by a Migration Guide in the software/manuals download area.
CloudNine (Hosted) Services
e-Fix/Patches [x.x.###] are pushed to the system on Wednesday mornings at 6:45am Eastern Time US and 6:45am ACST Australia.  Update times for other countries will be announced when hosts are activated.
Minor Releases [x.#.xxx] include new features are announced in advance and pushed to the system quarterly.
Major Releases [#.x.xxx] include major feature updates and often include new SERVICES.   Major releases are announced in advance and pushed to the system one or two times per year.
Enhancement Requests - File a request for a new feature by opening a new Case in the Customer Center.  Select Enhancement.  Be certain to select Enhancement only when you are requesting a new feature. Enhancements are directed to the Product Management group who review your requests monthly.  Other types of Support Cases, Problems and Questions, route directly to Support for rapid response.
Update Notifications
Twitter: The best way to stay informed about updates and hotfixes is to subscribe to Twitter (@EnvisionWare). 
Customer Forum: Alternatively you may view the Customer Forum by product to see information about the latest release, which is posted to the top of the forum topic. 
Release Notes: (Customer Center Release Notes Tab) inform you about the features and defect fixes in each release as well as an important known issues. 
The above are the three ways to become aware of hotfixes and service packs. 
Product Email Announcements: In addition to the above notification methods, EnvisionWare Communications sends all customers a graphical, email release announcement for major new versions of products. 
Quarterly Newsletter:  In addition, the EnvisionWare customer newsletter, AlphaBytes, is emailed to all customers quarterly and posted on www.envisionware.com.
Online Administration Manuals and User Guides - updated with every new release to provide the most up-to-date technical and user manuals available.  Each new release incorporates new features at which time the online PDF documentation is updated to not only include the changes but to improve layout and overall content.  Users under maintenance always have access to the most current product information.  Documentation is delivered in the same location as software downloads - visit the Software and Documentation link on the Main Menu of the customer Center.
NOTE: Documentation is migrating to the new Reference Desk knowledge base.

Customers under a current maintenance and support agreement can take full advantage of all of the above Support services.

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if I allow my maintenance and support coverage to expire?
Your non-subscription products will continue to operate but you will not have access to any downloads or documentation. Support is available on a lower priority basis for an hourly fee.
Can I renew my maintenance if I allowed it to expire?
You can renew your maintenance at any time but you must pay a special lapsed coverage fee plus the next 12 months. 
I shouldn't have to pay for maintenance I did not use.  Why do you require a fee for the lapsed period?
While you may not have called, during the lapsed coverage period the developers continued to enhance the products, third parties continued to introduce challenges, and other customers continued their coverage in support of an ever evolving and improving solution.  EnvisionWare reinvests maintenance revenues into product improvements so that our customers continue to use the best solutions on the market that remain current and competitive.  For a lapsed period, EnvisionWare reduces the maintenance fees because support inquiries were not made but requires payment to support the ongoing development. It is important to note that customers under maintenance have access to new versions of licensed products.
Can I cover software but not hardware?
Gold Level customers can opt out of hardware coverage when hardware was sold separately (not bundled in a package that includes both hardware and software) in which case all hardware failures will be under the Time and Materials program with a minimum of 1-hour labor per Support Case.  Platinum and PlatinumPLUS customer maintenance services are predicated on full coverage of all products purchased.
Can I have different coverage periods for different products?
We strive to have a common renewal date when possible.  While EnvisionWare products are sold as modules, they aggregate into a complete system.  Much like an Integrated Library System, when you add modules you generally continue to have one anniversary date.  To the extent possible we attempt to adhere to generally accepted practice for our industry. In some special cases certain products may be excepted for Gold-level customers. Customers under Platinum or PlatinumPLUS agreements require full coverage for all products in use.  Note that SUBSCRIPTION products like eCommerce terminals and gateways and cloud services like the MobilePrint Service may be on different renewal periods based on when these products went live.
Will you agree to fix maintenance rates for future years?
EnvisionWare has no control over the economy or costs, but you have options to mitigate future increases. You can extend your maintenance coverage for up to 4 additional years (5 Years Total). You will receive a discount for purchasing advance maintenance with your original product purchase. You save money and you fix your rates for the additional years purchased.
Can I purchase more products if I have allowed maintenance to lapse?
You can add more of any modules for products you already own but you cannot add new products to an account with lapsed coverage. 
What happens to my first year warranty coverage if I add modules a few months prior to my expiration?
Our Maintenance Services Group automatically prorates the full value of your 12-month coverage on your renewal.  At the time of renewal, any unused warranty coverage from the new licenses is applied as a credit to your annual maintenance invoice.  We work to ensure that you always receive full value for your purchases from EnvisionWare.
What is involved in hardware repairs and who pays for what?
The best way to obtain a replacement part is to open a Case in the Customer Center.  Select the item you own and include the serial number of the hardware.  Support will assist with troubleshooting and then set up an advance replacement shipment.  A part will be shipped to you
and a Return Merchandise Authorization will be issued for the return of the defective item.  The advance replacement shipment will include a prepaid label for return of the old part.  Simply place the defective part in the box containing the replacement and return the shipment, placing the RMA number on the outside of the box.  Upon receipt of the defective item at our Columbus or Adelaide primary service centers, we will credit the advance replacement if your hardware is under warranty or maintenance.  If you are under maintenance we pay all freight charges in the US.   You can track RMAs in the Customer Center.  If your hardware is not covered by a warranty or maintenance, support time and parts will be charged on a time and materials basis and freight will be added to the outbound shipment. You pay for the return freight.  A purchase authorization is required for non-warranty repairs, which can be an email authorization.  If defective parts are not returned within 14 days after a repair is completed the cost of the replacement part will be invoiced.
Support told me that they could not help me install my system at a new branch.  I paid for support so what is the problem?
Our support technicians are highly skilled in problem solving and helping customers with technical issues.  Support technicians can help you with the addition of a new Client but they are not equipped to provide the level of consulting that may be required to install and configure a Management Console or similar product at a new site.  Professional Services Implementation Consultants are highly skilled professionals that know how to interpret your needs into an implementation that maximizes the value of your investment.  Implementation Consultants can be engaged to help with a re-install, a computer replacement scenario, or a major migration to a new generation (where the architecture may warrant added services.)  When the level of expertise is beyond normal troubleshooting and module additions, Support will refer you to a Consultant who can estimate the cost for added services.  Some customers that have limited local technical resources often use consulting time to expand systems and perform upgrades.  Customers under maintenance are provided a discounted rate for these services as indicated above.
What if I refuse to permit Central Management (CM) access?
Naturally, you have every right to decide what products are installed on your computers.  We provide Central Management normal access and on demand access (which requires your presence at a computer during troubleshooting to enable or disable the CM software.)  The most convenient solution is normal access in which we can access and view computers having issues without interfering with your time.  Our maintenance charges are based on normal CM access.  If you refuse to provide access, it significantly hampers our ability to troubleshoot problems for you and it increases the cost of service delivery.  At your next renewal, maintenance prices will increase 10% as a partial offset to denied access as a result of the increased time required to provide services.
Some of these concepts don't fit my idea of the way you should handle these issues.
We try very hard to be the most flexible company in the business and to listen and respond to customer needs.  We believe that every customer is unique and that our mission is to serve the diverse needs of a global community of customers.  We try to "do business the way you want us to."  If your opinion differs we are open to your suggestions and very willing to learn from our customers about new ways of improving our services.  Please call the primary support number as shown at the top of this document and ask to be connected to the Maintenance Services Group about billing concerns or the Director of Support (about support issues).  Or you may email customersatisfaction@envisonware.com to send email to the entire management team at EnvisionWare.
The Americas and EMEA
Customer Center:  http://support.envisionware.com
Email: Not Available except as a response to a support case email (use Customer Center, LiveChat or telephone)
Toll Free:  888-409-0888  |  International:  +1 678-382-6600

Manager: Jodi Bellinger, Director of Support and Strategic Initiatives
Toll Free: 800-216-8370 x6622 | Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6622

Toll Free: 800-216-8370 Opt 5  |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6650

Manager: Candice Oliver, MLIS, Director of Professional Services and Contracting

Toll Free: 800-216-8370 x6557 |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6557

General Inquiries: Toll Free: 800-216-8370 Opt 2  |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6530

Interim Manager: Jodi Bellinger, Director of Support and Strategic Initiatives 
Toll Free: 800-216-8370 x6622  |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6622

Toll Free: 800-216-8370 Opt 1  |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6550
Email/Online: Click Here

> John Himes, Director of Sales, Self-service Solutions
Toll Free: 800-216-8370 x6552  |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6552
> John Dexter: Director of Sales, Circulation solutions
Toll Free: 800-216-8370 x6555  |  Direct/International:  +1 678-382-6555
Asia Pacific Region
Customer Center:  http://support.envisionware.com
Email: Not Available except as a response to a support case email

All enquiries via telephone:  +61 (0)8 8132 5800

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